tarkiofilm is an independent company focused on the production of auteur cinema.

We see cinema as a tool that reveals the time in which we live and in this editorial line we are promoting a generation of Uruguayan authors with risk and a singular point of view.

+ info: contacto@tarkiofilm.com

Our latest films:

The smelting of time the last film of Juan Alvarez Neme.

Best Latinamerican Film, BAFICI 2019.

Ready for distribution, two operas primas: “Hilda’s short summer”, feature fiction film from Agustin Banchero and “Straight to VHS” documentary film from Emilio Silva Torres.

In development,

“Nostalgia for the future”, opera prima written and directed by Florencia Colman.

“Las muertes pasajeras”. Second film of Agustín Banchero,

“The transparency”, a new film that borrows reality and fiction by Emilio Silva Torres.

In preproduction,

“Street of the fireflies”, by Juan Alvarez Neme.