may 2018


SALE! You could buy now both of this films in dvd format. Interested just send an email to for information.


The filming of the first part of “Hilda´s last summer” the opera prima of Agustín Banchero began.

jun 2017

Argentina & Uruguay

We start shooting “Straigth to VHS” in Uruguay and Argentina locations.

may 2017

We proudly announce we will produce 2 new projects from talented filmmakers:Land of Children” directed by Carolina & Marcos Campo Lupo, and “Adiós a los Olivos” directed by Nicolás Macario Alonso & Nicolás Kohen.

abr 2017


Hilda´s Short Summer, Agustín Banchero´s opera prima and Straight to VHS, Emilio Silva´s opera prima as well, both recieved production funds from the National Film Institute ICAU.



Hilda´s Short Summer, Agustín Banchero´s ópera prima won FONA national production funds.



The new film of Juan Alvarez Neme received funds for production from the National Institute.



Our film “Avant” has its theatrical release in cinemas in Buenos Aires.


Avantwas selected at the international film festival “Golden Rooster” in Tahgshan city.



Virginia Bogliolo and  Hilda´s Last Summer were selected to participate at the Rotterdam Lab 2016, IFFR.



The documentary film “Directly to home video” directed by Emilio Silva won national developmente funds

Valdivia, Chile.

“HIlda´s Holidays” went to Valdivia´s Australab, 3 Puertos Cine.

Erick González and Agustín Banchero wait for the daily working session to begin.


Mexico, Chile.

Our new fiction project “HIlda´s Holidays” was selected by the 3 PUERTOS CINE lab between more than 200 scripts.

The lab will be held at Mexico city and Valdivia.

Bogotá, Colombia.

We will attend Bogotá Market BAM between 14 and 18 of July.

Uruguay & Brazil

Avant”  is on VOD! now. Follow this link if you want to rent the film in Uruguay or Brazil.



Avant” won best documentary prize at the Detour film festival.


Colombia, Medellín

Avant” was screneed at the DocBarcelona-Medellín Film Festival. The film director, Juan Alvarez Neme gave Q&A after the projection.


Colombia, Medellín

Avant” was screneed at the DocBarcelona-Medellín Film Festival. The film director, Juan Alvarez Neme gave Q&A after the projection.



The feature film AVANT released in local theatres

Avant” will have its national avant premiere on August 14 at the Adela Reta Auditorium.  In theaters on August 28.

After 4 years of production, the film reaches theatres in Uruguay.


We are happy to announce that “Avant” will be represented by the world sales agent WIDEHOUSE. Please contact them for screenings or acquisitions.


Santiago de Chile

Those who will around Santiago in June, will have the chance to see “Avant” at the FIDOCS Latinoamerican Competence. From June 23 to 29.



Avant”  will have its world premiere this may 30th at DocsBarcelona. Tue Steen Müller about Juan Álvarez Neme's Avant: I did not know Julio Bocca (my fault!), now I do because of this great observation of a man and his project, a real insight to an art institution, impressive work!



President Pepe Mujica opened the doors of his house to the "Duhmocruhsee!" crew in their last day of shooting in Uruguay.Tarkiofilm give them the production service to shoot in the country.


The film "The cultivation of the invisible flower" was selected for the beautiful edition of the URUGUAYAN FILM SHOWCASE 2013. Edited by ICAU and Foreign Affairs Ministry.


“The Cultivation of the Invisible Flower” DVD is on the street now. The film has english subtiltes and 5 new extras. Contact us if you want one.

Rio of Janeiro

We wil be attending to the Rio Content Market with our projects. Get in touch.


The animation series "Anselmo wants to know" get funded by MVD Socio Audiovisual por postproducion process.


We get funds for developing for the Juan Alvarez Neme’s

new project.


The animation series "Anselmo wants to know" won a prize for production at the Montevideo Filma 2013.


Punta del Este

Avant”  won prizes for postproduction at the 4th. WIP of the Punta del Este IFF.


Avant” won a Doc in progress prize for post at the DOC BUENOS AIRES.


The animated tv serie "Anselmo wants to know" won funds from  MIEM/DINATEL for the production of its first season.

oct 2012


Avant” was selected for the Doc in progress section of the LATIN SIDE OF THE DOC / DOCSDF.

set 2012


Avant” wins funds for post-production from Montevideo Socio Audiovisual.

may 2012


On May the 25th “The cultivation of the invisible flower” will have its theatrical release. Here you could download the presskit, photos, etc.

*** illustration by Martín Vergés and design by Nicolás Branca

abr 2012

Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The cultivation of the invisible flower” was screened in Buenos Aires at the BAFICI. The crew was there to present the film and Q&A after.

mar 2012

A new dress for a finished film. “The cultivation of the invisible flower” has a new trailer.


Río de Janeiro, San Pablo, Brasil

The cultivation of the invisible flower” was selected by the “I´ts all true” Documentary Film Festival. This is the world premiere of the film. March 25th at 2pm, at the Cinemateca of San Pablo.

+ projections & info



El cultivo de la flor invisible” was selected for the competitive Human Rights section of the Uruguaian International Film Festival organised by the Cinemateca of Uruguay.

projections & info

feb 2012

The cultivation of the invisible flower” has finished its post process and is ready for festivals and theatrical release.+ info soon.

ene 2012

Documentary “Cubas” has a new teaser. Watch it here.

dic 2011


Documentary “Cubas” get funded by Ibermedia for development. + info


oct 2011


“Avant” get the FONA award for production.


jul 2011


The projects Taking notes y the fifth wall were selected for the  tv series and new formats pitching new section of the Doc Montevideo. +info

jun 2011


The film The cultivation of the invisible flower was selected for the Docinprogress section of the Edinburgh Pitch.

A rough cut will be screened for a group of commissioning editors to get their feedback.

At the same time Avant was selected for the pitching table of the Edinburgh Pitch from the Scottish Documentary Institute.

La Rochelle

Tarkiofilm will be present with a stand in the Latin American Village of the Sunny Side of the Doc with this two projects:  The cultivation of the invisible flower and Avant.

The event will take place between the 21 and 24 June.


may 2011


Avant was selected for the EDN online pitch: art documentaries. EDN is the European Documentary Network.

The project was pitched in front of 4 other projects and 3 commissioning editors from Channel 4, AVRO and SVT via webcam.

apr 2011

United States

ITVS gave green-light for funding to the documentary project “AVANT” directed by Juan Alvarez Neme.

This project has already received funds from the organisation through the pitching table of DOCMONTEVIDEO 2010.


feb 2011


The documentary “Avant” attend the DOCSBARCELONA  pitching table.

After been selected in the official pitching forum, the project close a 24 documentary projects pitching line, all of them trying to seduce the commissioning editors & decision makers in the event.

A review by the pitching forum moderator Tue Steen Müller:

“...There was so much energy and creativity in the 6 presenting persons as well as in ”Avant” by the team from Uruguay, Juan Alvarez and Virginia Bogliolo. The film will deal with the action taken by world class ballet dancer Julio Bocca (photo), who moves to Uruguay to make his Sodre National Ballet internationally relevant.”

read more via

dec 2010

Buenos Aires

"Avant," "Nacer" and "Inside Al Qaeda" took top honours Friday night at Latin Side of the Doc/Doc Buenos Aires, Latin America's premier docu event.

A chronicle in the making of ex-ballet dancer Julio Bocca's struggle with bureaucracy, strikes and labor unions as he struggles to reboot Uruguay's National Ballet, "Avant" won the Arte France prize for creativity.

via variety

nov 2010


IBERMEDIA gives funds for development to “Avant” in its second call 2010.



Tarkiofilm releases in Television Nacional del Uruguay {TNU} the tv series “¿QUÉ ES?”  starting on sunday 21 November at

18 hs. The series have 12 chapters, each one starts with a question related with basic science and then answered by scientists. The project is a coproduction between Tarkiofilm and PEDECIBA,  and supported by ANII.

Buenos Aires

The documentary “Avant" was chosen to pitch at the DOCBSAS y Latin Side of the Doc forum.

sep 2010

Buenos Aires

The documentary “Avant" closed the DOCmeeting Argentina international pitching forum, after attending a workshop with the mentorship of Tue Steen Muller and Mickael Opstrup.

“One of the most praised proposals was the ballet film by Juan Alvarez, presented by himself and the producer Virginia Bogliolo, both from Montevideo in Uruguay. The film is about Julio Bocca, world famous dancer, who has retired and dedicates his working life to the renaissance of ”an old forgotten National Ballet theatre”. The clip that was shown demonstrated an unusual director talent.”

Tue Steen Müller


jul 2010


“Avant", won 2 prizes pitching at DOCMONTEVIDEO. One from ITVS for development, and other for pitching at DOCMEETING 2010 in Buenos Aires this september


“Avant” new documentary project is attending the writing workshop with Marta Andreu before the pitching sessions in the DocMontevideo 2010.

mar 2010

Punta del Este

“The cultivation of the invisible flower” was selected for competition in the “best work in progress” section of the Punta del Este International Film Festival 2010.

nov 2009

Buenos Aires

Tarkiofilm participated in Ventana Sur, the Latin American Film Event in Buenos Aires, organised by Marché du Film and INCAA.

jul 2009


"The cultivation of the invisible flower" participated in DOCMONTEVIDEO {Latin American tv networks documentary meeting}.



These days will begin to broadcast on National Television of Uruguay, the cycle of TV programs "Platform." 

More than one dozen of short documentaries of 4 minutes of duration, explores the artistic scene linked to the space of contemporary art Platform of the Department of Culture.

may 21 2009


In the Solis Theatre, a teaser of the documentary “The cultivation of the invisible flower” was exhibited opening the presentation of the book "Back Home” of the journalist Analía Argento. Organisations related to human rights, national and departmental authorities and a group of children and grandsons recovered in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile participated.




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