The cultivation of the invisible flower

{non fiction}

Directed by Juan Alvarez Neme.

An everyday portrait of a group of people who suffers the forced disappearance in Uruguay. The documentary follow this group exploring the reality through their eyes and their struggle against oblivion.

The film try to capture in a parallel movement, the persistence of their search among a society divided between justice and forgetfulness.

The documentary tags along a group of people over five years from the first triumph of the left-wing in the country.The film begins with a photographer making an artistic intervention in a wall of the city. It slowly unfolds a large photograph, the hand of the photographer holding the portrait of a forced missing person. An older woman cooks for her husband in her house, while in a room the picture of a missing son decorates a wall. From here on, the film constructs a narrative line which alternates interviews, reunions, searches, public acts, with the particularity of avoiding any time reference. The scenes happen one after the other with no apparent connection but in a constructive manner, piling bricks in a wall that separates the characters from a desired but distant truth. Pieces of something that happened long ago, feelings, memory exercises. The movie gathers these pieces in search of a new picture, a transversal portrait that sensitises the life of some women who never stopped looking for their children.

Country: Uruguay Language: Español Year of production: 2011 Lenght: 84 minutes

Con la participación de: Julio Bocca, Rosina Gil & la Compañía Nacional de Ballet del Sodre


Official selection in Bafici 2012, E tudo verdade 2012

and Uruguay International Film Festival 2012.

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