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Hilda´s short summer

Written & directed by Agustín Banchero


Hilda is a lonely woman who lives in the town of Concepción. She intentionally breaks off any kind of affective relationship with the people around her. Her life is interrupted by the announcement that her son is coming to visit her after several years. So she begins preparations to improve her house and her image, which has declined in recent times. On the date, her son cancels the visit and postpones it indefinitely. Now Hilda will have to live a summer in the past.

Original title: Las vacaciones de Hilda Country: Uruguay, Brasil.  Language: Spanish Production year: 2021 Length: 128 minutes

Cast: Carla Moscatelli  Gabriel Villanueva Vicentino Morrocco Con Edgardo Castro Bruno Coszión Fernando Rodríguez Compare

Cinematographer Lucas Cilintano Sound Design & Original Music Daniel Yafalián Art Direction Mariana Pereira Inés Carriquiry Costume Designer Gabriela De Armas First Assistant Director Sergio De León Line Producer Florencia Chao Edition Juan Alvarez Neme Karen Akerman Executive Producers Virginia Bogliolo Clarissa Guarilha


Official selection New Directors San Sebastián 2021

Varsovia IFF 2021

San Diego Latino FF 2022

Moscow IFF 2022

Rio IFF 2022


LIMA FF 2022

Uruguay Critics Asociation Prizes 2021

Best film

Best direction

Best ópera prima

Best lead actress

Best editing





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Agustín Banchero


Restless author who explores different areas such as cinema, theatre and visual arts. Graduated from the School of Cinema of Uruguay.

His short films have been shown in several festivals.

“Mañana lunes” (shortfilm, 2010)

28º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay, 3º Cortópolis, Córdoba, Argentina, 21º  Festival Int. de Curtas do San Pablo, Kinoforum, Brasil, Festival Internacional Universidad Pontificia, Lima, Perú, 6º FESAALP, Ciudad de la Plata, Argentina.

“Lejos es Invierno” (shortfilm, 2011)

30º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay.

“De las casas blancas” (shortfilm, 2013)

9º La Pedrera Shortfilm Festival, Rocha, Uruguay, 2013 FICU, Montevideo, Uruguay, 55º ZINEBI, Bilbao, España, 23º LLAFF, Londres, Inglaterra, 5º World Cinema Ámsterdam, Holanda.

“Las pérdidas” (shortfilm, 2015),

34º Festival Cinematográfico del Uruguay, 27º Festival Int. de Curtas do Sao Paulo, Kinoforum, Brasil, 4º Festival de Cine Nuevo Detour, Montevideo, Uruguay. Primera Mención Cortometraje Documental, 1º MVD Cine Experimental, Montevideo, Uruguay

6º Servime un Corto, Uruguay.

10º Atlantidoc, Uruguay. Best national shortfilm award.