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The passing deaths

Written and directed by Agustín Banchero


Felipe and Manuela are going to be parents for the first time. They feel odd, everything is new and they are not sure of anything. Felipe, gripped by fear, leaves home and hides in a bedroom community at about thirty kilometers from the capital city, embarking on a journey immersed in his fantasies and fears.

Through several stories that take place in different times, Felipe faces an imaginary family, his real family and the memory of Manuela. The characters in each story resemble ghosts, as the moment of his son’s birth quickly approaches

Status: Development Countries: Uruguay, Germany, Chile. Languaje: Spanish Year of production: 2024 Length: 90 minutes


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Agustín Banchero


Agustín Banchero


Restless author who explores different areas such as cinema, theatre and visual arts. Graduated from the School of Cinema of Uruguay.

His short films have been shown in several festivals.

“Hilda´s short summer” (fiction feature, 2021)

San Sebastián Film Festival, New directors, Varsovia  Film Festival. San Diego FF

“Mañana lunes” (shortfilm, 2010)

28º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay, 3º Cortópolis, Córdoba, Argentina, 21º  Festival Int. de Curtas do San Pablo, Kinoforum, Brasil, Festival Internacional Universidad Pontificia, Lima, Perú, 6º FESAALP, Ciudad de la Plata, Argentina.

“Lejos es Invierno” (shortfilm, 2011)

30º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay.

“De las casas blancas” (shortfilm, 2013)

9º La Pedrera Shortfilm Festival, Rocha, Uruguay, 2013 FICU, Montevideo, Uruguay, 55º ZINEBI, Bilbao, España, 23º LLAFF, Londres, Inglaterra, 5º World Cinema Ámsterdam, Holanda.

“Las pérdidas” (shortfilm, 2015),

34º Festival Cinematográfico del Uruguay, 27º Festival Int. de Curtas do Sao Paulo, Kinoforum, Brasil, 4º Festival de Cine Nuevo Detour, Montevideo, Uruguay. Primera Mención Cortometraje Documental, 1º MVD Cine Experimental, Montevideo, Uruguay

6º Servime un Corto, Uruguay.

10º Atlantidoc, Uruguay. Best national shortfilm award.

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